Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners, 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 24th January


We played a great song last night - where can I get it?

BUG Book & BUG Beginners Book - this is the performance song book 4 - log in to find these downloads

Emailed - check on the Songs page to see if the link exists for this song, from May 2015 on -

Grey Uke Book  (orange) Grey Uke Book 2 (green) refers to The Ukulele Club Song Books! These large volumes are available to buy at Crossroads Music, 32 Skipton St, Ballarat Central, or at Midwest Music - 6 Sturt Street, Ballarat (or online, but you can support the local businesses).

Other Stuff - If other people have sheets that they bring along, we may not have an electronic copy to refer you to - email Jill or Jeannie to ask if it can be found.

Quick way to find if a song is on this web site - Search for the name - you will find the Search box at the bottom of all pages.

Online Resources: 

* the Richard G website  

* link to find the latest version of  the Jim Carey ukulele songbook

Our play lists for the night were -

Beginners Session:-

1. Don't Pass Me By - BUG Book
2. Eight Days A Week - BUG Book
3. Ain't She Sweet - Emailed
4. Flowers On The Wall - BUG Book
5. Locomotion - BUG Book
(above songs covered the following chords, C/F/G/D7/G7/Am/Dm/ C#m/F9)

6. I'm Into Something Good - BUG Book

Class selection:

7. Return to Sender - Previously emailed
8. Tar and Cement - BUG

Players Session:-

1. Fields of Gold - Grey book 87
2. Space Oddity - BUG Book 51
3. Folsom Prison Blues - random (beginners)
4. I can see clearly now - BUG Book 22
5. Jolene - BUG Book
6. Garden Party in F (J M-J) - emailed
7. Sway (J M-J) - emailed
8. We can work it out in C (J M-J) - emailed
9. Make me Smile - BUG Book
10, For What Its Worth - emailed
11. Runaway - BUG Book
12. A whiter shade of pale - emailed
13. Stand By Me
14. Fire
15. Rhiannon
16. Happy Together
17. House Of The Rising Sun
18. Kind Of The Road - Grey Book
19. Out Of Time - BUG Book
20. Leaving On A Jet Plane - Grey Book (Have a great time Janet!)

Beginners Session:

Our first three songs were selected to cover the following chords-
C, Am, F, G7, G, D, Dm and D7

1. Midnight Special - BUG Book
2. Another Saturday Night - BUG Book
3. Locomotion - BUG Book

4. Ain't She Sweet - Emailed 9/7- Revisited two new chords - C#dim + F9

Class Selection:

5. Dirty Old Town - BUG Book
6. The Tide Is High -Emailed 9/7
7. Eight Days A Week - BUG Book
8. Shotgun - BUG Book
9. Shotgun - BUG Book
10. Runaround Sue - BUG Book

Players Session:

1. San Francisco Bay Blues - BUG Book
2. Fire - BUG Book
3. Tar & Cement - BUG Book
4. Not Responsible - BUG Book
5. Make Me Smile - BUG Book
6. Bad Habits - Previously emailed and attached
7. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - BUG Book
8. Light My Fire - Grey Book
9. Space Oddity - BUG Book
10. Psycho Killer - BUG Book
11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Previously emailed and attached
12. Jolene - BUG Book
13. Riptide - BUG Book
14. Hotel California - BUG Book
15. Out Of Time - BUG Book
16. Don't Pass Me By -BUG Book
17. Dirty Old Town - BUG Book
18. Dear Prudence - Previously emailed and attached
19. Ain't Misbehaving - GREY Book
20. It's My Party - Previously emailed and attached
21. She's Not There - BUG Book

Beginners were enthusiastic and covered the following songs-

- I'm Into Something Good - BUG Book
- I Only Want To Be With You - Grey Book
- Ain't She Sweet - Previously emailed and attached
- Hey Good Looking - Grey Book
- Shotgun - BUG Book
- Stand By Me - BUG Book
- The Tide Is High - Previously emailed and attached
- Locomotion - BUG Book

Players Songs -

- Locomotion - BUG Book
- Eight Days A Week - BUG Book
- Hound Dog - Grey Book
- Different Drums - Previously emailed and attached
- Rhiannon - Previously emailed and attached
- All My Loving - BUG Book
- A Horse With No Name - previously emailed and attached
- Hotel California - BUG Book
- I am Australian - Grey Book
- Happy Birthday (Ken)
- The Tide Is High - Previously emailed and attached
- Tar And Cement - BUG Book
- If It Hadn't Been For Love- Previously emailed and attached
- Don't Pass Me By - BUG Book
- Jolene - BUG Book
- Psycho Killer - BUG Book

Songs played on Thursday night
Hound Dog  emailed
The Tide is High emailed
Rhiannon emailed
Am I ever gonna see your face again BUG book
Don’t worry, play ukulele BUG book
I am Australian Grey Uke Book
If it hadnt been for love  emailed
Oobl-di-bla-da Grey Uke Book
Dance me to the end of love emailed
I don’t look good naked anymore emailed
Different Drum  emailed
Aint Misbehavin Grey Uke Book
Let it be Grey Uke Book
Nobody knows you till you're down and out BUG book
A whiter shade of pale emailed
Rasputin emailed
Pleasure and Pain Richard G website
Make me smile BUG book
Walking after midnight' Grey Uke Book
Itchycoo park Grey Uke Book
Bad Habits V2 emailed
Summertime BUG book
Hooked on a feeling BUG book
For what its worth  emailed
Never tear us apart BUG book
Sister Madly in Dm  emailed

16 Make me smile
14 Rhiannon
11 Shotgun
10 Too many times
10 Space Oddity
10 Pleasure and Pain
10 Never tear us apart
10 Mercy
10 Fire
10 Don’t worry, play ukulele
10 Dirty old town

We have played 194 different songs this year

An average of 23.68 songs per night

A total of 80 one hit wonders


For what it’s worth  emailed
Hound dog  emailed
Dirty old town BUG book
Shotgun BUG book
Lean on me emailed
Not responsible BUG book
I only want to be with you  Grey Uke book
Locomotion BUG book
Bad Habits emailed 
For what it's worth  emailed
Tar and cement BUG book
Grandma's feather bed Grey Uke book
Dance me to the end of love emailed 
Crazy little thing called love emailed 
Ra Ra Rasputin handed out
Too many times BUG book
Return to sender emailed 
A whiter shade of pale Grey Uke book
Don’t stop emailed 
Sister Madly emailed
Different drum  Richard G website
Message to you Rudy emailed
If it hadnt been for love  emailed - hold for next week.
I don’t look good naked anymore emailed 
Mercy emailed 
When I grow up  emailed 

Songs covered in Beginners were:-

In The Summertime - emailed
Hound Dog - emailed
The Tide Is High - emailed
In Saw Her Standing There - BUG pg 24
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - BUG pg 25
Ain't She Sweet - Random book
Folsom Prison Blues (Beginners version) - Random  book
Dirty Old Town - BUG pg 10
Eights Days A Week a BUG pg 13
Shotgun - BUG pg 50

Main Session:
Songs from last night:_
SONG                                                     LOCATION
Stuck in the middle with you                      BUG book
Venus                                                      BUG book
Love potion number 9                                BUG book
Cool World                                                emailed
Locomotion                                               BUG book
Mamma Mia                                              Grey Uke book
Come back again                                       BUG book
Make me smile                                          BUG book
Pleasure and Pain                                      emailed
San Francisco by blues                              BUG book
All my loving                                              BUG book
Don't pass me by                                        BUG book
Don't think twice                                          emailed
House of the rising sun                                emailed
Learning to fly                                             emailed
Rhiannon                                                    emailed
A Whiter shade of pale                                 Grey Uke book
Leaving on a jet plane                                   Grey Uke book (Bon Voyage Patrice!  We'll see you in October!)
Not responsible                                            BUG book

Beginners covered three songs
Hound Dog 
The Tide is high 
Songs from last night 
Have you ever seen the rain  Grey Uke book
Another Saturday Night  BUG book
Wagon Wheel  emailed 
Too many times  BUG book
Make me smile  BUG book
House of the Rising Sun  emailed 
Dancing in the dark  emailed 
Wild world  Grey Uke book
Bad moon rising  Grey Uke book
Rhiannon emailed 
Mercy emailed 
Return to sender emailed 
Girl from Ipanema  BUG book
A world of our own  Grey Uke book
Spooky  Richard G 
Dear Prudence  emailed 

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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