Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners at 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 27th of June 2019


We played a great song last night - where can I get it?

The BIG BUG Book - this is the newest performance and our beginners & general songs Jan/Feb 2019 - log in to find these downloads

Emailed - check on the Songs page to see if the link exists for this song, from May 2015 on -

Grey Uke Book  (orange) Grey Uke Book 2 (green) refers to The Ukulele Club Song Books! These large volumes are available to buy at Crossroads Music, 32 Skipton St, Ballarat Central, or at Midwest Music - 6 Sturt Street, Ballarat (or online, but you can support the local businesses).

Other Stuff - If other people have sheets that they bring along, we may not have an electronic copy to refer you to - email Jill or Jeannie to ask if it can be found.

Quick way to find if a song is on this web site - Search for the name - you will find the Search box at the bottom of all pages.

Online Resources: 

* the Richard G website  

* link to find the latest version of  the Jim Carey ukulele songbook

Beginners songs  Location 
Aint that a shame Three chord night book
And then he kissed me Three chord night book
Bad Moon Rising Three chord night book
Chains Three chord night book
Dance the night away Three chord night book
Hit the road Jack  Three chord night book
Hound Dog Three chord night book
Midnight Special Three chord night book
Mustang Sally Three chord night book
Singin' the blues  Three chord night book
Players Songs  Location 
I only want to be with you emailed 
Wagon wheel BUG book 4
Not responsible BUG book 4
It's so easy  Uke-a-billy book, 
Cabaret emailed 
Folsom Prison Blues BUG book 4
Elenore BUG book 4
Down on the corner Grey Uke book
No matter what emailed 
Out of time  BUG book 4
Hey Ya emailed 
Psychokiller BUG book 4
Brown eyed girl Grey Uke book
Make me smile BUG book 4
Sway BUG book 4
Hey Ho  emailed 
Space Oddity  BUG book 4
Never tear us apart BUG book 4
Love Potion number 9 BUG book 4
Video killed the radio star BUG book 4
Walking the dog BUG book 4
It don’t come easy  emailed 


Performance Rehearsal songs  How did they go ? 
Aint that a shame ok
Hound dog ok
Ring of fire ok
Rock this town  ok needs more practice 
Rockabilly rebel  ok needs more practice 
Who put the bomp  ok needs more practice 
Let me be your teddy bear needs a key change - too low
The tide is high - Blondie version  go back to BUG Beginners version
Monster mash  ok needs more practice 
Aeroplane Jelly and Vegemite song ok needs more practice 
Count on me  ok needs more practice 
Fun Fun Fun  great song, but would need more work 
Locomotion  ok 
Players songs  Location 
No Matter what  emailed
Aint she sweet  emailed
Nobody knows you when youre down and out  BUG book 4
If it hadnt been for love BUG book 4
Jolene BUG book 4
Ho Hey emailed
Psycho Killer BUG book 4
Riptide  BUG book 4
I'm a believer  Grey uke book 
Dear Prudence BUG book 4
Sister Madly  emailed
Hey Ya  emailed
She's not there BUG book 4
Too many times BUG book 4
Stuck in the middle with you  BUG book 4
Not responsible BUG book 4
Going up the country emailed
It's my party emailed
Cover of the rolling stone Grey uke book 

Beginners Songs  Location 
Hound Dog Bug Beginners book
And then he kissed me Emailed 
Bad Moon Rising in C Bug Beginners book
Dance the night away Emailed 
Hit the road Jack  Emailed 
Shotgun Bug Beginners book
The Tide is High Bug Beginners book
Chains BUG Book 4 
Players Songs  Location 
It Don’t come easy  emailed
Down on the corner  Grey Uke Book
Folsom prison blues  Bug Beginners book
A Hard Day's Night  emailed
Always on my mind  Grey Uke Book
Pleasure and Pain  emailed
All my loving  Grey Uke Book
Hotel California  BUG Book 4
Leaving on a jet plane  Grey Uke Book
No Matter What  emailed
Hey Ya  emailed
Still haven’t found what I'm looking for  emailed
Wagon Wheel  BUG Book 4
Dumb things  Grey Uke Book
Learning to fly  BUG Book 4
Walking after midnight  BUG Book 4
Video killed the radio star  BUG Book 4
Higher and Higher  BUG Book 4
Rhiannon  BUG Book 4

Beginners Songs Location 
Heard it through the grapevine  Emailed 
Hey Ya  Emailed 
Feel like going back home Emailed 
Folsom Prison Blues  BUG Beginners book
These boots are made for walking  BUG Beginners book
On the Road Again  BUG Beginners book
Bad Moon Rising  BUG Beginners book
San Francisco Bay Blues  BUG Book 4 
Players Songs  Location 
I only want to be with you  emailed
I am woman emailed
Singin the blues  Uke-a-billy book 
Poor Poor Pitiful me  emailed
Hello Mary Lou Uke-a-billy book 
Slice of Heaven  Grey Uke book 
Down on the corner  Grey Uke book 
Make me smile BUG Book 4 
Ring of fire  Grey Uke book 
Crocodile rock  Grey Uke book 
No Matter what  emailed
Crazy little thing called love  BUG Book 4 
Cabaret  emailed
Feel like going back home  emailed
Two out of Three aint bad Grey Uke book 
Bright side of the road  emailed
Streets of London  Grey Uke book 
Aint Misbehavin  Grey Uke book 
Heard it through the grapevine  emailed
Going up the country  emailed

Beginners songs  Location 
Heard it through the grapevine  emailed
Let it be  Grey Uke book
Hey Ya  emailed
Shotgun  BUG Beginners book
Hound dog  BUG Beginners book
Jolene  BUG Beginners book
Riptide  BUG Beginners book
Players songs  Location 
Ring of Fire  Uke-a-billy book
Wolverton Mountain  Uke-a-billy book
Nobody knows you when you're down and out  BUG Book 4
It's my party  emailed 
Hey Ya  emailed 
Ho Hey  emailed 
No matter what  emailed 
Heard it through the grapevine  emailed 
Going up the country  emailed 
Walking after midnight  BUG Book 4
Who can it be now  emailed 
Walk of life (in C) emailed 
Higher and higher  BUG Book 4
She's not there  BUG Book 4
Psycho killer  BUG Book 4
Spooky  emailed 
Too many times  BUG Book 4
Sister madly  emailed 
Bad Habits  BUG Book 4
You're sixteen  Grey uke book
Walking the dog  BUG Book 4

Beginners songs  Location 
Folsom Prison Blues  BUG beginner book
Riptide  BUG beginner book
Heard it through the grapevine  handed out 
Hound Dog  BUG beginner book
Shotgun  BUG beginner book
Walk of life in C  emailed
Under the boardwalk  Grey uke book
Poor poor pitiful me  emailed
Heard it through the grapevine  handed out 
Players Songs  Location 
Fire  BUG Book 4
Singin' the blues  Uke-a-billy book
Wagon Wheel  BUG Book 4
Sunny afternoon  emailed 
Ho Hey  emailed 
Eight days a week  BUG Book 4
Bojangles  Grey Uke book
Make me smile  BUG Book 4
Ring of fire  Grey Uke book
Space Oddity  BUG Book 4
Hey Ya  held over to next week.
Going up the country  emailed 
Looking out my back door  Grey Uke book
I'm a believer  Grey Uke book
Nights in white satin  Grey Uke book
Better be home soon  Grey Uke book

Beginners Songs  Location 
Blue Suede shoes  Uke-a-billy book
Hound dog  Uke-a-billy book
I fought the law  Uke-a-billy book
Singing the blues Uke-a-billy book
From St Kilda to Kings Cross emailed
Sunny afternoon emailed
Walk of Life © emailed
Players songs  Location 
Perhaps emailed
Spooky emailed
Sunny afternoon  emailed
Dirty old town BUG book 4
Georgia on my mind  emailed
From St Kilda to Kings Cross emailed
I can see clearly now BUG book 4
Blue Sky Mine emailed
A whiter shade of pale emailed
Stray Cat Strut  Uke-a-billy book
Fire BUG book 4
Bad Habits BUG book 4
Poor Poor pitiful me held over to next week
Under the milky way tonight BUG book 4
Cabaret BUG book 4
Those were the days random
Make me smile  BUG book 4
Cover of the rolling stone  Grey Uke book

Uke-a-billy Session  
Aint that a shame Uke-a-billy book 
Blue suede shoes Uke-a-billy book 
Crocodile Rock Uke-a-billy book 
Everyday Uke-a-billy book 
Hello Mary Lou Uke-a-billy book 
Hound dog Uke-a-billy book 
I fought the law Uke-a-billy book 
It's so easy  Uke-a-billy book 
Rawhide Uke-a-billy book 
Peggy Sue Uke-a-billy book 
Ring of fire Uke-a-billy book 
Rock this town Uke-a-billy book 
Rockabilly rebel Uke-a-billy book 
Runaway Uke-a-billy book 
Singin' the blues Uke-a-billy book 
Stray cat strut Uke-a-billy book 
Who put the bomp  Uke-a-billy book 
Wolverton Mountain  Uke-a-billy book 
(Let me be) Your teddy bear Uke-a-billy book 
Extra songs  
Wagon Wheel  BUG book 4
Shotgun BUG beginners book
Higher and Higher BUG book 4
Bad Habits.  BUG book 4

20180208 polka dots

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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