Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners at 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 27th of June 2019


We played a great song last night - where can I get it?

The BIG BUG Book - this is the newest performance and our beginners & general songs Jan/Feb 2019 - log in to find these downloads

Emailed - check on the Songs page to see if the link exists for this song, from May 2015 on -

Grey Uke Book  (orange) Grey Uke Book 2 (green) refers to The Ukulele Club Song Books! These large volumes are available to buy at Crossroads Music, 32 Skipton St, Ballarat Central, or at Midwest Music - 6 Sturt Street, Ballarat (or online, but you can support the local businesses).

Other Stuff - If other people have sheets that they bring along, we may not have an electronic copy to refer you to - email Jill or Jeannie to ask if it can be found.

Quick way to find if a song is on this web site - Search for the name - you will find the Search box at the bottom of all pages.

Online Resources: 

* the Richard G website  

* link to find the latest version of  the Jim Carey ukulele songbook

Transposition workshop                                        
 Beginners session songs                                  Location 
Shotgun                                                             BIG BUG BOOK 2019
House of the Rising Sun                                       BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Rhiannon                                                           BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Bad Moon Rising                                                 BIG BUG BOOK 2019
And then he kissed me                                        BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Open Mike                                                                
1. Handsome Buggers - a.k.a - Keith, Simon and George - Under the Boardwalk
2. Joan - Learning to live without you by the Eagles
3. Richard - Deep water blues                           
Players Session Songs                                     Location 
Chains                                                                  BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Everyday                                                              Grey Uke book
On the road again                                                BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Brown Eyed Girl                                                   BIG BUG BOOK 2019
You may be right                                                  BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Higher and Higher                                                BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Video killed the radio star                                     BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Ooh La La                                                            BIG BUG BOOK 2019
I'm a believer                                                        BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Venus                                                                   BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Hound dog                                                            BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Bye Bye love                                                         BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Hey Jude                                                               Grey Uke book
Flame Trees                                                          80s / 90s book
I got burned                                                           BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Make me smile                                                      BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Love Potion number 9                                           BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Long train running                                                 BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Feel it still                                                              BIG BUG BOOK 2019
Fire                                                                        BIG BUG BOOK 2019

Beginners session songs Location 
Aint that a shame Big BUG book 
Hound dog Big BUG book 
Singin' the blues Big BUG book 
Your teddy bear Big BUG book 
Rockabilly Rebel Big BUG book 
Blue suede shoes Big BUG book 
I fought the law Big BUG book 
Ring of fire Big BUG book 
Peggy sue Big BUG book 
Return to sender Big BUG book 
Sugar town  Big BUG book 
Open Mike   
George - I dig rock and roll music  
Ukulele Affair - Do you love me   
Clare - Sweet Shiney Eyes  
Players Session Songs  Location 
Singin' the blues  Big BUG book 
Blue suede shoes Big BUG book 
Rawhide Big BUG book 
Hound dog Big BUG book 
I fought the law Big BUG book 
Stray cat strut Big BUG book 
Runaway Big BUG book 
Ring of fire Big BUG book 
Runaround Sue Big BUG book 
Honey don't Big BUG book 
Hello Mary Lou Big BUG book 
Long train running emailed
Aint that a shame Big BUG book 
In the air tonight 80s/90s book 
Living on a prayer 80s/90s book 
Learning to fly Big BUG book 
Hey Ya Big BUG book 
Higher and higher Big BUG book 
YMCA Big BUG book 
Walking the dog  Big BUG book 

Beginners session songs Location 
Fire Big BUG book 
Feel it still  Big BUG book 
Hound dog Big BUG book 
Sugartown  Big BUG book 
Stand by me  Big BUG book 
Still haven't found what I'm looking for  Big BUG book 
The tide is high Big BUG book 
Open Mike   
Sue - Blue Moon   
Jeannie and Suzanne - I'll be watching you 
Players Session Songs  Location 
Singin' the blues Big BUG book 
I only want to be with you  Big BUG book 
In the air tonight  80S/90S theme book
Let it be  Big BUG book 
Another Saturday night Big BUG book 
Budapest  Millenium theme book
Sway Big BUG book 
Gone gone gone emailed
Happy together Big BUG book 
Viva la vida  Big BUG book 
Walking after midnight  Big BUG book 
Long train running  emailed
I wont back down  Big BUG book 
She's not there  Big BUG book 
Out of time Big BUG book 
Sunny afternoon  Big BUG book 
Lookin out my back door Big BUG book 
Step back  emailed
I got burned  Big BUG book 
Walking the dog Big BUG book 

Beginners session songs Location 
Gone Gone Gone emailed
Boots BUG book 4
Chains BUG book 4
Locomotion  BUG book 4
Bye bye love  BUG book 4
Midnight Special  BUG book 4
Under the Boardwalk  Grey Uke book
Proud Mary  emailed
Open Mike   
Simon - Cracklin' Rosie  
George - Besame Mucho  
Jeannie - It's too late  
Players Session Songs  Location 
Boys of Summer  80s/90s book
Make me smile BUG book 4
I can see clearly now  BUG book 4
Lanterns  Millenium book
Long train running  emailed
Spicks and Specks  Grey Uke book
Gone Gone Gone  emailed
Dancing in the dark  emailed
Psychokiller  BUG book 4
Feel it still  emailed
I wish I could shimmy  emailed
Proud Mary  emailed
Friday on my mind  emailed
Venus  BUG book 4
Budapest  Millenium book
River of dreams  80s/90s book
Forever Young  80s/90s book

Beginners session songs Location 
Singin' the blues  Three chord Song book
Dance the night away  Three chord Song book
Don’t worry, play ukulele  BUG book 4
Am I ever gonna see your face again  BUG book 4
Eight Days a week  BUG book 4
Open Mike   
John Cheswick - the Ballad of John and Yoko
Richard - Mama tried   
Judy, Helen, Jeannie and Suzanne - Wicked Game
Players Session Songs  Location 
Runaway  BUG book 4
Chains  BUG book 4
Long train running  emailed
Fields of gold  Grey Uke book
Rhiannon  BUG book 4
Midnight Special  BUG book 4
Dance me to the end of love IN Cm  emailed
Return to sender  BUG book 4
The River (we listened but didn't play) emailed
I'll be your baby tonight  BUG book 4
Proud Mary - Tina Turner style emailed
Crazy little thing called love  BUG book 4
Everyday  Grey Uke book
Have I the right  emailed
Out of time  BUG book 4
Royals  Millenium theme book
Something in the water  emailed

Beginners songs  Location 
Ain’t That A Shame  Three Chord Book
Hit The Road Jack Three Chord Book
Dance The Night Away Three Chord Book
Chains Three Chord Book
And Then He Kissed Me  Three Chord Book
Down On The Corner  Grey Uke Book
Cotton Fields  Grey Uke Book
Walking  After Midnight  Grey Uke Book
Cover Of The Rolling Stone  Grey Uke Book
Only Sixteen  Hard Copy hand out 
Open Mike   
Joan – Bad Habits  
Clare & Jan – Dinah  
Clare lead on  ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’  
Players Songs  Location 
Brown Eyed Girl  Grey Uke Book
Bye Bye Love  Grey Uke Book
On The Sunny Side of The Street  Grey Uke Book
Folsom Prison Blues  BUG Book 4
The Sounds of Silence  Grey Uke Book
Nobody Know You  BUG Book 4
Don’t Worry Be Happy  Grey Uke Book
Runaround Sue  BUG Book 4
You Are My Sunshine  Grey Uke Book
On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone  Grey Uke Book
Only Sixteen  Hard copy hand out
Walk Right In  Grey Uke Book
Hey Ya  BUG Book 4
Fire   BUG Book 4
Riptide BUG Book 4
Love Potion Number 9 BUG Book 4
Runaround Sue  BUG Book 4
Sway  BUG Book 4

2016 bug logo fbGigs

We played lots of gigs this year and thanks to Judy Mander-Jones for her fabulous organisation of all the gig arrangements this year.

Web page and Facebook

Jill continues to provide great work on the web page and Facebook page.

>Our web page is currently 4th in the whole world, on the Ukulele Top 100 site!!!!!

Finances and Email back up

Thanks to Lisa, who makes sure our finances are going ok and looks after emails when some folks are away.

Leaders at Sessions

Clare, Richard, Jill, Clare, Helen, Judy and Jeannie all lead our weekly sessions – great work team !!

Most popular songs for 2018

Songs at Beginners sessions

Total songs played: 356

115 different songs

One hit wonders 57

Song - Times Played

1. Hound Dog 36
2. Bad Moon Rising 23
3. Folsom Prison Blues 13
4. Dance the night away 13
5. And then he kissed me 13
6. Riptide 11
7. Midnight special 11
8. Chains 11
9. Singing the blues 10
10. Hit the road Jack 9
11. Shotgun 8
12. Ain't that a shame 7

Songs at Players sessions

Total songs played: 998

270 different songs One hit wonders 98

Song - Times Played

1. Hey Ya 26
2. No Matter what 19
3. Wagon Wheel 18
4. If it hadn't been for love 18
5. Sway 17
6. Space Oddity 17
7. Bad Habits 16
8. Higher and higher 15
9. Make me smile 14
10. Viva La Vida 13
11. Down on the corner 13
12. Fire 12
13. Feel it still 12

Thanks to our hosts, Jamie and Bianca, and all the staff at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  for their support in 2018.

Song  Location
Hound dog  Beginners book 
Stand by me  Beginners book 
Bad moon rising Three chord night book 
Singin’ the blues Three chord night book 
Hello Mary Lou Uke-a-billy book
Hey Ya  BUG book 4
Sway BUG book 4
Higher and Higher  BUG book 4
Flame trees  80’s / 90’s theme night 
I love rock and roll  80's/90's theme night 
In the air tonight 80's/90's theme night 
Feel it still  Millenium theme night 
Budapest  Millenium theme night 
YMCA  Grey Uke book
Brown eyed girl  Grey Uke book
Something in the water Random 
Sea of heartbreak (F) Random 
All I want for Christmas is you  Christmas songs 
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Christmas songs 
Last Christmas  Christmas songs 
Feliz Navidad  Christmas songs 
Happy Xmas ( War is over)  Christmas songs 

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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