Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners, 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 24th January


We played a great song last night - where can I get it?

BUG Book & BUG Beginners Book - this is the performance song book 4 - log in to find these downloads

Emailed - check on the Songs page to see if the link exists for this song, from May 2015 on -

Grey Uke Book  (orange) Grey Uke Book 2 (green) refers to The Ukulele Club Song Books! These large volumes are available to buy at Crossroads Music, 32 Skipton St, Ballarat Central, or at Midwest Music - 6 Sturt Street, Ballarat (or online, but you can support the local businesses).

Other Stuff - If other people have sheets that they bring along, we may not have an electronic copy to refer you to - email Jill or Jeannie to ask if it can be found.

Quick way to find if a song is on this web site - Search for the name - you will find the Search box at the bottom of all pages.

Online Resources: 

* the Richard G website  

* link to find the latest version of  the Jim Carey ukulele songbook

Chains BUG Uke book
Locomotion  Grey Uke book
With a little help from my friends Grey Uke book
I'm into something good BUG Uke book
Fire emailed
Jolene BUG Uke book
Psycho Killer emailed
Killing me softly Grey Uke book
Jamaica Farewell Grey Uke book
Elenor Rigby emailed
Leaving on a Jet Plane Grey Uke book
The lion sleeps tonight Grey Uke book
you're sixteen  BUG Uke book
Ticket to Ride Grey Uke book
Midnight Special  emailed
A kind of hush Grey Uke book
Before you accuse me Grey Uke book
Mamma Mia Grey Uke book
Minnie the Moocher Grey Uke book

I Saw hew standing there BUG Uke book
Don't Pass Me by Grey Uke book
Ring of Fire Grey Uke book
Boots BUG Uke book
Fire emailed
On the Road Again Grey Uke book
Flowers on the Wall BUG Uke book
Riptide BUG Uke book
Runaround Sue BUG Uke book
Elenor (by the Turtles) BUG Uke book
Jolene BUG Uke book
Dream a Little Dream Grey Uke book
Hotel California emailled/web site
Ticket to Ride Grey Uke book
Midnight Special  emailed
I Only Want to BE with You BUG Uke bookk

2016 03 10 BUG songs


Love Potion No. 9  - BUG Book2016 03 03 song list whiteboard
Midnight Special - emailed
Out of Time - BUG Book
As Tears Go By - Richard G's site
Bye Bye Love - Richard G's site
Hotel California - emailed
The Boxer - The Ukulele Song Book (grey book)
Perhaps - - Richard G's site
Psychokiller - emailed
Love is the Drug - BUG Book
It's My Party - Richard G's site
All About the Bass - emailed
I'm A Believer - Find the one in C
Ain't Nobody Here but us Chickens - emailed
Shotgun - BUG Book
Not Responsible - BUG Book

Runaround Sue BUG Song Book
Runaway BUG Song Book
Rawhide BUG Song Book
Will you still love me tomorrow Grey Uke Book 
Midnight Special emailed
If I had a hammer Grey Uke Book 
As tears go by Richard G
Venus BUG Song Book
Love is the Drug BUG Song Book
Hotel California emailed
The Chain emailed
Spicks and Specks Grey Uke Book 
Space Oddity Grey Uke Book 
Ooh La La BUG Song Book
I'll be your baby tonight BUG Song Book
King of the Road emailed
Happy Together BUG Song Book

Joelene                             BUG book
Midnight Special                 emailed
Halleluliah Spoof                Jim Carey Book
Baby I love you                  emailed
Hotel California                  emailed
Love is the Drug                BUG book
She's not there                  BUG book
It's a long way to the top    Grey Uke Book
Out of Time                      BUG book
Under the Milky Way         Grey Uke Book

....... and more

Note - The Grey Uke Book refers to The Ukulele Club Song Book!


 Barbara Anne   Grey Uke Book
 I walk the line Grey Uke Book
 Sugar Sugar  Grey Uke book p 221
 Walking after midnight  BUG song book
 Be my baby  emailed
 Baby I love you so  emailed
 Love is the drug  BUG song book
 Love Potion Number 9  Richard G
 Not Responsible  BUG song book
 Riptide  BUG song book
 Don’t Pass Me By  Richard G
 Mustang Sally  emailed
 Under the Milky Way  Grey Uke Book
 Bad Moon Rising  Grey Uke Book
 Hit the Road Jack  emailed


Don't Pass me by
Psycho Killer
Out of Time
Runaround Sue
Cigarettes & Whiskey
Another Saturday Night
Hotel California
Happy Together
Black is Black
Don't Stop Me Now
Lonely Boy
A Kind of Hush
Ain't No Sunshine
Hit The Road Jack
I'm A Believer
I'm Into Something Good
Will you love me tomorrow
Flowers on the Wall

This is the playlist we had at the session on 28/01 which Briony has compiled on Spotify (see info below). You can listen on any device ☺. Includes the new Mamas and Papas' song:

  • Hotel California  - (Songs on this web site)
  • Tequila Sunrise - (Songs on this web site)
  • Something - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • I only want to be with you - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Heart of Gold - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Iko Iko - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Cool World - (Songs on this web site)
  • Jolene  - (Richard G
  • Boots - (aka These Boots are made for walking)
  • I Shot the Sherriff - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • A Kind of Hush - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Fire - (Songs on this web site)
  • Stand by me - (Songs on this web site)
  • Elenor - (Bug Book)
  • Happy Together - (Bug Book)
  • There's a Kind of Hush- (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Twelve thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon) - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)

Spotify is a free program to download onto your computer, or get an "app" for your tablet or phone. A paid for version ($12 a month) is also available that has no adverts, and more functions.

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