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Expect to pay about $100AUD for a beginners instrument.  Here is a comparison of a $30 uke, to a beginners instrument - http://www.ukuleleplace.com.au/blog/comparison-of-a-30-toy-ukulele-and-the-aiersi-su021b/

Resources for choosing a good ukulele:


Ukulele Hunt Buying tips (with recommendations)

Some information on brands - https://consordini.com/best-ukulele-brands/

Advice in Ballarat - Talk to Kevin at Crossroad Music

On a severe Budget? - even if you are buying a very cheap ukulele, Kevin can get the best out of it by setting it up well, and adding Aquila Strings. < HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Or just come along to a Thursday night Ballarat Ukulele Group at and we will show you the ins and outs!  Check the Beginners Tab on the Songs page to see what is happening on any given week.


 Ukulele sizes of instruments

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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