Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel, Beginners - 6:pm. Play from 7:45pm Thursday the 6th of December.


Joelene                             BUG book
Midnight Special                 emailed
Halleluliah Spoof                Jim Carey Book
Baby I love you                  emailed
Hotel California                  emailed
Love is the Drug                BUG book
She's not there                  BUG book
It's a long way to the top    Grey Uke Book
Out of Time                      BUG book
Under the Milky Way         Grey Uke Book

....... and more

Note - The Grey Uke Book refers to The Ukulele Club Song Book!

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.