Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners at 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 18th of July 2019


This is the playlist we had at the session on 28/01 which Briony has compiled on Spotify (see info below). You can listen on any device ☺. Includes the new Mamas and Papas' song:

  • Hotel California  - (Songs on this web site)
  • Tequila Sunrise - (Songs on this web site)
  • Something - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • I only want to be with you - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Heart of Gold - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Iko Iko - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Cool World - (Songs on this web site)
  • Jolene  - (Richard G
  • Boots - (aka These Boots are made for walking)
  • I Shot the Sherriff - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • A Kind of Hush - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Fire - (Songs on this web site)
  • Stand by me - (Songs on this web site)
  • Elenor - (Bug Book)
  • Happy Together - (Bug Book)
  • There's a Kind of Hush- (The Ukulele Club Song Book)
  • Twelve thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon) - (The Ukulele Club Song Book)

Spotify is a free program to download onto your computer, or get an "app" for your tablet or phone. A paid for version ($12 a month) is also available that has no adverts, and more functions.

   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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