Venue: Bunch of Grapes Hotel,  Beginners at 6pm, Players session 7:45, on Thursday 22nd of August 2019


Midnight Special - C, G7, F - BIG BUG BOOK 34
Shotgun - F, G, C - BIG BUG BOOK 114
Still haven't found - C, F, G7 - BIG BUG BOOK 120
Ho Hey - C, F, G, Am - BIG BUG BOOK 87
Jolene - Am, C, G, Em7 - BIG BUG BOOK 28
Make Me Smile - G, F, C, Dm - BIG BUG BOOK 32
Going to the Chapel - Dm, G, C, C7 - BIG BUG BOOK 84


37 - Never Tear us apart
38 - No Matter What
24 - I'm a believer
25 - If it hadn't been for love
54 - Stuck in the middle with you
129 - Tonight you belong to me
133 - We can work it out
61 - Viva la Vida
emailed - Shotgun - George Ezra

Woodstock run through


   We play a mix of songs, easy, intermediate to difficult, everything from the 1930s to the 21st Century, sharing songs, music and techniques. 

We have a lot of fun!

Visitors are made very welcome.

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